My Green Payroll

About Our Company

My Green Payroll is a total paperless payroll company servicing small to medium sized businesses. Mr. Hubert Hawthorn CPA, P.C. who has over 40 years of Accounting experience started My Green Payroll over 5 years ago. His small business clients would complain to him that the national payroll companies were not giving them the level of service and expertise as expected.

We differ from the national payroll companies because we don't have an automated system so you will never have to hold, receive a number for a callback (which may take a week) but will always speak to a live person. We don't charge our customers for miscellaneous or bogus fees for requested reports, late payroll, advice or any other outrageous fees.  With us you work with experts including CPA's, payroll & tax specialists who will keep you in compliant and advise you on the most advantageous ways to handle your payroll, compensation, employee benefits, expenses, tax compliances and the list goes on. We will always handle any issues, questions or concerns ourselves.

Basically, we set ourselves apart by having a higher level of customer service, more flexibility, and reliability. If you value personable customer service and want a higher level of expertise from a payroll company who truly cares and looks after their customer's best interests, then My Green Payroll is your choice.

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